VDWALL A6000 4K Video Processor For LED Display Video Wall

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Designed for small pitches LED screen,widely applied in exhibition、station advertisement、stage performance、restaurant、lecture hall、conference room、school auditorium、church、company promotion etc,

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●Faroudja® Real Color®true color processing,10+ Bit Faroudja® DCDI de-interlacing processing,Faroudja® TureLife™ video image augment;
●Versatile input signal:
6 4K2K_60Hz UHD input,including 4*HDMI2.0(support HDCP2.2)、2*DP1.2;
6 HD+SD、analog+digital input,including 2 HDMI1.3(compatible with DVI、VGA input )2*3G-SDI、2*CVBS;
●Seamless switching and Fade in/Fade out switching between different input signal;
●Support 4K 4 windows 6 images display、4K arbitrary scaling、open window、overlay. 4 windows include 2*4K and 2*2K,freely scale、overlap、roam among 8 unit screen. 2 *2K window support PIP or POP function,total 6 image display simultaneously;
● 8 DVI output,driving capability up to 18 million pixels. Support output resolution 1920×1080P@60Hz and 8 DVI outputs synchronized splicing,support 7680×2160 screen driving;Support user defined output resolution, maximum 2160 pixels in height or width,8 DVI can drive 17280 pixels in horizon or vertical;
● Each DVI output support any in any out cropping, random size and position setup on LED screen, realize perfect mosaic of irregular screen;
●Each DVI output support colour、gray level、brightness adjustment in independent RGB channel with 256 level, achieve uniform colour of different screen batches;
● Auto calculation aided splicing, user just set the total screen size and unit screen size&position, the device will automatically calculate and complete the splicing, intuitive and convenient;
●Multi-Window support vertical cropping, the cropped image remain the same aspect ratio with the source image, avoid image deformation;
●Support 4 windows overlay, layer sequence can be adjusted freely, optional seamless or Fade in/Fade out switching effect;
● 4 windows support image frame function, frame on/off、thickness、colour is adjustable;
● 4 windows support input image quality adjustment, including colour、gray level、brightness in independent RGB channel with 256 level;
●Support output image hot backup,Out A and out B can output same image , greatly enhance output stability;
● Support synchronized monitoring, one 1080P LCD monitor can have a synchronized view of LED screen image;
●16 preset multi-window display modes, support mode duplication and backup. No black screen or blurred screen during mode switching;
● 16 preset splicing mode of 8 DVI output, mode duplication and mode backup provided;
● Flexible and convenient front panel control,support remote PC control via RS232/USB/LAN
● Designed for small pitches LED screen,widely applied in exhibition、station advertisement、stage performance、restaurant、lecture hall、conference room、school auditorium、church、company promotion etc,;


Input Signal
Quantity / Type 4×HDMI 2.0(VESA/CEA-861)2×DP1.2(VESA)2×CVBS

2×DVI(VESA/CEA-861)compatible with HDMI1.3a/VGA


Composite Video PAL/NTSC
Impedance 1V(p_p)/ 75Ω
VGA PC(VESA) ≤1920×1200_60Hz
VGA Impedance R、G、B = 0.7 V(p_p)/ 75Ω
DVI Format PC(VESA) ≤1920×1200_60Hz
HDMIP Format(HDCP2.2) PC(VESA) ≤4096×2160_60Hz
DP FormatHDCP2.2) DisplayPort1.2(VESA) ≤4096×2160_60Hz

SMPTE 424M/425M

Input Connector CVBS: BNC/ 75Ω
DVI:  24+1 DVI_DHDMI: HDMI type ADP:   DP connector

SDI:  BNC/ 75Ω

Output Signal
Type/Quantity 8×DVI
DVI Format 2160X1160_50Hz、2048X1200_50Hz、1920X1200_50Hz、1920X1080_50Hz、1680X1440_50Hz、1440X1680_50Hz、1200X1960_50Hz、1200x1600_60Hz、1440x1440_60Hz、1600x1344_60Hz、1920×1080_60Hz、2160x960_60Hz、

User defined resolution(Maximum 2160 pixels in width or height)

DVI Connector DVI:24+1 DVI_D
Control Port RS232/USB/LAN
AC Power Input 100-240VAC   50/60Hz
Power Consumption 75W
Ambient Temperature 0-45℃
Ambient Humidity 15-85%
Product Dimension 482x465.5x89mm
Package Dimension 560x552x178mm
Net Weight 7.6Kg
Gross Weight 10.8Kg
Standard Accessory  

Connection Diagram


Installation Dimension



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