Outdoor Waterproof P4.81 LED Display Rental Panel Commercial LED Giant Screen

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Experience the dazzling effects of our LED displays, delivering captivating visual displays with intense vibrant colors that are sure to grab the attention of your audience. For businesses looking to make a bold statement through captivating storefront displays or savvy digital signage solutions, our LED displays are unmatched. We continually strive to provide top-notch monitors, using only the best materials and rigorous quality checks to ensure maximum value and longevity for our customers. You can trust us to provide you with exceptional LED displays designed to exceed your expectations and meet your organization’s specific needs.

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Item Outdoor P3.91 Outdoor P4.81 Outdoor P2.976
Module Panel Dimension 250mm(W)*250mm(H) 250mm(W)*250mm(H) 250mm(W)*250mm(H)
Pixel pitch 3.91mm 4.81mm 2.976mm
Pixel Density 65536 dot/m2 43264 dot/m2 112896 dot/m2
Pixel configuration 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B
LED specification SMD1921 SMD2727/SMD1921 SMD2121
Pixel resolution 64 dot * 64 dot 52 dot * 52 dot 84 dot * 84 dot
Average power 45W 45W 35W
Panel weight 0.6KG 0.65KG 0.5KG
Cabinet Cabinet size 500*1000mm*90mm, 500*500*90mm 500*1000mm*90mm, 500*500*90mm 500*500*85mm,500*1000*85mm
Cabinet Resolution 128 dot* 256 dot, 128*128 dot 104 dot* 208 dot, 104 dot * 104 dot 168*168 dot,168*336mm
Quantity of panel 8pcs, 4pcs 8pcs, 4pcs 4pcs
Hub connecting HUB75-E HUB75-E 26P
Best viewing angle 170/120 170/120 140/120
Best viewing distance 3-3 0M 4-40M 3-3 0M
Operating temperature -20C° ~60C° -10C°~45C° -10C°~45C°
Screen power supply AC110W220V-5V60A AC110V7220V-5V60A AC110V7220V- 5V40A
Max power 1200 W/m2 1200 W/m2 800 W/m2
Average power 600 W/m2 600 W/m2 400 W/m2
Technical Signal Index Driving IC ICN 2037/2153 ICN 2037/2153 ICN 2037/2153
Scan Rate 1/16S 1/13S 1/28S
Refresh frepuency 1920-3840 HZ/S 1920-3840 HZ/S 1920-3840 HZ/S
Display color 4096*4096*4096 4096*4096*4096 4096*4096*4096
Brightness 4000 cd/m2 3800-4000cd/m2 800-1000 cd/m2
Life span 100000Hours 100000Hours 100000Hours
Control distance <100M <100M <100M
Operating Humidity 10-90% 10-90% 10-90%
IP protective index IP65 IP65 IP43

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LED displays offer a wide range of possibilities and can be used in a multitude of applications, making them an indispensable tool in any environment. Whether for advertising, video presentations or educational purposes, their benefits are endless. It is used in many indoor places such as high-end conferences, shopping malls, stadiums, and entertainment stages.  LED displays can be used as a way to communicate key information, attract attention or simply enhance visual appeal. With an LED display, any environment or occasion can benefit from its flexibility and practicality.


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