Product FAQS

What's the difference between back service and front service led screen ?

Back service, that mean need enough space behind of the led screen, so that worker can do the installation or maintenance.
Front service, worker can do installation and maintenance from front directly.  very convenience, and save space.  especially is that led screen will fixed on the wall.

How to maintenance led screen?

In usually every year to maintenance led screen one time, clear the led mask, checking the cables connection, if any led screen modules fail, you can replace it with our spare modules.

What is the function of sender card?

It can transfer PC video signal into receiver card which make LED display work. 

What can the receiver card do?

Receiving card is used to pass signal into LED module.

Why do some receiving card have 8 ports, some have 12 ports and some have 16 ports ?

One port can load one line modules, so 8 ports can load maximum 8 lines, 12 ports can load maximum 12 lines, 16 ports can load maximum 16 lines.

What's the function of video processor?

A: It can make LED display more clear
B: It can have more input source to switch different signal easily, like different PC or camera.
C:It can scale the PC resolution into bigger or smaller LED display to display full image.
D: It can have some special function, like frozen image or text overlay, etc.

What is the loading capacity of one sending card LAN port ?

One LAN port load maximum 655360 pixels.

Do I need to choose synchronous system or asynchronous system?

If you need to play the video in real time, like stage LED display,  you need to choose synchronous system.  If you need to play an AD video for some time, and even not easy to put a PC near it,  you need asynchronous system, like shop front advertising LED screen.

Why do I need to use video processor ?

You can switch signal easier and scale the video source into certain resolution LED display.  Like, PC resolution is 1920*1080, and your LED display is 3000*1500,  video processor will put full PC windows into LED display. Even your LED screen is only 500*300,  video processor can put full PC windows into LED display too. 

How do I recognize which pitch LED display I should buy ?

Normally based on viewing distance.  If viewing distance is 2.5 meter in meeting room,  then P2.5 is best.  If viewing distance is 10 meter outdoor,  then P10 is the best. 

What is the best aspect ratio for LED screen ?

The best view ratio is 16:9 or 4:3

How do I publish program to media player ?

You can publish program by WIFI through APP or PC,  by flash drive, by LAN cable, or by internet or 4G.  

Can I do remote control for my LED display while using media player?

Yes, you can connect internet by router or sim card 4G.  If you wanna use 4G,  your media player must install the 4G module. 

How to make the naked-eye 3D LED display ?

Need smaller pitch LED display, better with high refresh,  video processor setting pixel by pixel, and play high quality 3D video. 

After I change one of the receiver cards, it does’t work. How can I solve it ?

Please check the firmware. If this new card is different with other card,  you can upgrade it into same firmware, then it will work. 

If I lose my screen RCFG file, how can I get it back ?

You can click “read back” to get it back in the software receiver page if you or provider have saved it before.  If fail, you must make smart setup to make a new RCG or RCFG file.

How to upgrade the firmware of Novastar cards?

In NovaLCT advanced mode, anywhere input admin, the upgrade page will come up. 

How to upgrade the firmware of Linsn controllers?

In LEDset receiver setting page, anywhere input cfxoki, then the upgrade page will come out automatically. 

How to update the firmware of Colorlight system ?

Need to download LEDUpgrade software

How to make LED display brightness change automatically in different time ?

It is required with light sensor. Some devices can connect with sensor directly. Some devices need to add multi-functional card then can install light sensor. 

How to customize video splicer, like Novastar H2?

At first decide how many LAN ports the screen need, then choose 16 ports or 20 ports sender card and quantity, then choose input signal that you want to use. H2 can install maximum 4 input board and 2 sending card board.  If H2 device is not enough, can use H5, H9 or H15 to install more input or output boards.

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