Looking into the Future: The Gold Content and Development Trends of LED Integrated Machines

At the ISLE exhibition that just ended in April, LED large screen displays showed a colorful development trend. As a major exhibition after the epidemic, it is also the largest "specialized exhibition" event in the industry since the three years of the epidemic, and is known as a wind vane for "starting again and restarting".

Due to the importance of this exhibition, Lotu specially calculated the proportion of important keywords among participating enterprises. The keyword "LED all-in-one machine" has become the "biggest winner of the conference"!

“LED all-in-one machine” is becoming popular

In the statistics of Lotu Technology, the term with the highest exposure proportion is "small pitch LED" (the distribution value of market popularity is 50%). However, this keyword actually reflects the commonalities of the entire LED display industry and has no special product significance. Ranked second is' mini/micro LED ', with a heat rating of 47%. It can be seen that this second place is actually calculated by equating micro spacing, mini LED, and micro LED together.

Relatively speaking, the third ranked "LED all-in-one machine" on the popularity chart actually has a heat value of 47%. This is a term with a specific product form as its connotation; Its meaning and scope of application are more convergent than the "small pitch LED" and "mini/micro LED" of champions and runners up. Therefore, it is not excessive to believe that "LED all-in-one machine" is the true "hottest" LED display product at the exhibition.


Industry experts point out that although LED all-in-one machines are different from traditional LED engineering splicing screens, where "individual projects are big orders," they have three major application coverage:

The first is the 100 to 200 inch large screen market for education and conference displays, the second is the demand for digital signage screens ranging from tens of inches to 200 inches, and the third is the type of color TV products used for household use, mainly 75 to 200 inches... Although LED all-in-one devices are still "potential" products in the future, they are so diverse in application categories, especially in the consumer and household markets, making their future "quantity" full of imagination.

The command and dispatch center or XR virtual production is a market where tens of millions of dollars are invested in a single large screen system. Although each product may only have a unit price of tens of thousands or even tens of thousands in the future, there may be a potential market demand of tens of millions of units per year for LED all-in-one machines. The popularity and industry attention of LED all-in-one machines win in the "potential huge market potential".

According to data from Ovi Cloud Network, the number of conference rooms in China has exceeded 20 million, with a global increase of 100 million. With the increase in the penetration rate of small pitch LED screens, the sales scale in the video conferencing field is considerable. Among them, the proportion of screens with a large size of 100-200 inches is not less than 10%. At the same time, vocational colleges and universities are the main demand directions for LED education screens. At present, there are 3000 universities across the country, including classrooms, conferences, lecture halls, and other multiple scenarios. Taking a single classroom as an example, the potential capacity for smart classroom renovation in the next 10 years is expected to be approximately 60000 (with an average of 20 per school), and the potential capacity for smart classroom renovation in the next three years is expected to be 6000.

In the home market, with the further maturity of Micro LED manufacturing technology and continuous optimization of production costs, it is expected to take over the "home cinema and living room TV screen trend" of LCD and OLED in the future, becoming an important supplementary product in the mid to high-end home display market. Looking at the current global market, in 2022, the global TV brand shipment scale was 204 million units, of which 15 million were high-end TV shipments, accounting for 7.4% of the overall market and showing a growing trend year by year. High end televisions are the main competitive direction in the LED all-in-one home market. Lotu Technology predicts that by 2025, the global shipment of Micro LED televisions will exceed 35000 units, accounting for 0.02% of the overall color TV market. This proportion will gradually increase with the maturity of market products, and even aspire to reach 2% of the global color TV market. The monthly sales record for a single model of 98-inch color TV in China in 2022 is over 40000 units.

From this, it can be seen that the annual sales volume (commercial and household) of LED all-in-one machines in China in the future will be calculated in millions, and the global market may reach as high as tens of millions. This is a potential space that doubles for today's LED display industry.

A "LED all-in-one machine" favored by countless people

The halo on the new species of LED all-in-one machines, in addition to the "expected market size", at least includes the support of two other "halos":

Firstly, as an LED display application with a smaller size and higher resolution, LED all-in-one products have always been the "integrator of the latest industry technology" in the past five years. For example, 8K display, ultra micro spacing, mini/micro LED, COB, COG, and other technical concepts are closely related to LED all-in-one machines.


The demand for ultra fine pitch LED displays in the traditional advertising and control room markets has almost reached its limit, "industry experts pointed out. Currently, the future market of P0.5 and below new specification technologies that the industry focuses on promoting is mainly focused on displays below 200 inches. The future technology of LED direct display is mainly applied to "all-in-one machine products". This can be seen from Lehman's 8K giant screen, Samsung's THE WALL, and others.

Secondly, LED all-in-one machine is a "complete machine function" product, which naturally needs to cover the comprehensive business capabilities already possessed by other complete machine display technologies. For example, in the interactive conference market, LED all-in-one machines are equipped with infrared touch, intelligent computing, and network functions, and are equipped with numerous functional conference software, compatible with more third-party apps and cameras. These rich features are standard configurations.

The all-in-one machine must be ALL IN ONE, which is completely different from the product logic of traditional LED display engineering customization and splicing applications. Entering the all-in-one machine industry market means the horizontal expansion of the R&D and innovation boundaries of LED display enterprises, bringing more integration and breakthroughs in software and hardware technology. At the same time, it has also brought new changes in segmented marketing and channel logic, allowing LED displays to participate more in the retail competitive market.

That is to say, in addition to the huge potential market size, LED all-in-one machines also have the characteristic of being at the forefront of the LED industry in terms of technology, both vertically and horizontally. On the other hand, studying the diverse application technologies of LED displays and expanding LED displays towards smaller distances cannot be separated from the category of LED all-in-one machines. This is also the key to the keyword 'overwhelming the masses'.

LED all-in-one machine is a representative of new technology, new applications, new scenarios, new retail, and new demands in the LED direct display industry, which can be said to be favored by thousands of people. Layout and preemptive occupation of this market are also key areas for industry enterprises to "seize future industry advantages".

The competition for LED direct display and coding all-in-one machines

According to statistics from Lotu, the domestic business display market has shown a sluggish trend in 2022. For example, in 2022, the interactive tablet market shrank by over 52% year-on-year; The traditional LCD and DLP splicing market has shrunk by 34.9%... However, under a series of poor data, according to GGII research data, the shipment volume of China's LED conference all-in-one machine market in 2022 was over 4100 units, an increase of 15% compared to 2021, with sales of approximately 950 million yuan.

Among the overall commercial display products, LED all-in-one machines are almost outstanding in 2022. This fully reflects the market attractiveness of this technological product. The industry expects that in the future, as the prices of high-end LED display products gradually decrease, the market gate for LED all-in-one machines will be opened simultaneously in the commercial and consumer markets. According to GGII's prediction, the global MicroLED market is expected to exceed $10 billion in 2027. Among them, LED all-in-one machines will be an important heavyweight product type.


In the 2022 annual board of directors' business review of Zhouming Technology, it was pointed out that small pitch LED display screens are the mainstream products for the current and future years, and have gone through a process of "innovation → diversification → standardization → scaling". Their costs and prices have gradually decreased, entering a price range comparable to LCD screens. There is an opportunity to replace LCD screens in the market share and increase the penetration rate of small pitch LED display screens. In this regard, industry experts analyze that the replacement of LCD by LED will be a "dimensionality reduction blow", that is, fully opening up the 100 to 200 inch ultra high definition and high-quality large screen display market. This is actually the continuous upgrade of the "same logical line" with the increasing pursuit of large size consumption in LCD display technology in recent years.

Lotu Research believes that the prices of LED products with equal spacing are currently in a significant decline process. It is expected that if the average price of 20000 yuan is maintained after 2024, the middle line of product popularity may lower by 1.2 spacing products. The products close to this average price line in 2022 are products at the P1.8 spacing level—— Either the average spacing continues to decrease, or the average price decreases, or both may be in a downward process: this change will facilitate the accelerated marketization of small spacing LED all-in-one products that are more sensitive to prices and require higher spacing indicators.

Especially since 2022, the prices of the LED industry have continued to decline, becoming an important force driving the development of the all-in-one product market. According to data from RendForce Chibang Consulting, the annual shipment volume of Mini LED display chip market in 2022 still maintained a 15% growth rate. However, from the perspective of output value, due to the significant price drop, the scale of output value showed negative growth. Meanwhile, since 2022, LED displays have further advanced towards the parallel development pattern of four major technologies: SMD, COB, MIP, and N-in-1. The all-in-one machine market will add a new MIP type product line in 2023, eager to generate more competitiveness and cost variables at the process manufacturing level, and promote the application development of the industry market.

In the marketization of LED all-in-one machines, some enterprises in China are already in a leading position. For example, Ovi Cloud's Research Report on the Small Spacing LED Market in Chinese Mainland in 2022 shows that the parent company of Qingsong Optoelectronics, SIYUAN, continues to maintain the first place in the domestic LED all-in-one machine market with a sales volume and market share of 40.7%, and has won the first place for four consecutive years. This is mainly due to Qingsong Optoelectronics' advanced products and vision source's leading position in the conference and educational display markets.


For example, Lehman Optoelectronics' "Research on Large Scale Smart Conference Display Integrated Machine Technology" and 150 national projects were successfully selected as the 2022 New Information Consumption Demonstration Project. At the same time, Lehman Optoelectronics is a leader in the market for home LED large screens. In 2022, Lehman Optoelectronics took the lead in launching the 163 inch 8K COB Micro LED ultra high definition home screen globally, further entering the high-end home consumer market with ultra high definition display products, and driving the development of the global 8K ultra high definition video industry chain layout. In recent years, Lehman Home Big Screen has established a diversified online and offline channel promotion model, not only displaying and promoting products in online channels such as JD and Tmall, but also establishing 10 flagship stores and testing centers in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Chengdu, and other places. It has initially established a leading "product service capability" system in the domestic market.

Even, LED all-in-one machines have attracted the attention of many color TV giants. For example, Hisense will lay out the LED integrated machine conference interactive display and teaching multimedia display market in 2022. Taking the Hisense Vision One giant screen 136 inch LED all-in-one machine product as an example, as a new technology "new work" of Hisense intelligent display products, it adopts a leading architecture of ASIC high-precision light control chip and Hisense "Xin Xin" engine image quality chip, highlighting the application of Hisense's independent display technology, and has a certain degree of differentiated competitiveness. In 2022, Hisense invested heavily in controlling the upstream manufacturer of LED industry, Qianzhao Optoelectronics, highlighting Hisense's strategic layout in the LED display market.

It has become a consensus in the LED direct display industry to accelerate the expansion of emerging display application markets such as micro LED, led by all-in-one machines. The battle for the future around the all-in-one machine market is in the "race" stage. The leading layout of Chinese enterprises is similar to their advantages in the LED global industry chain. With LED all-in-one machines as the leader, Chinese enterprises will surely output more "Chinese creativity, Chinese solutions" products for the global display market in the future.

Post time: May-06-2023