What are the maintenance methods for LED display screens?

Display screen resistance detection method

For the resistance detection method of the display screen, we need to set the multimeter to the resistance range. First, we need to detect the resistance value from a certain point on a normal circuit board to the ground, and then we need to test whether there is a difference between the same point on another circuit board and the normal resistance value. If there is a difference, we will know the range of the problem with the display screen, otherwise we will ignore it.

Display screen voltage detection method


The voltage detection of the display screen is to set the multimeter to the voltage range, detect the ground voltage of a suspected problematic circuit point, and compare it with the previous one to see if it is normal. This way, the problem can be easily identified.

Short circuit detection method for display screen

The display screen short circuit detection method is to set the multimeter to the short circuit detection gear, so as to detect whether there is a short circuit phenomenon. If a short circuit is found, it should be resolved immediately. Short circuit on the display screen is also the most common LED display module fault. Also! Short circuit detection should be carried out when the circuit is powered off to avoid damaging the multimeter.


Display screen voltage drop detection method

The display voltage drop detection method is to adjust the multimeter to the diode voltage for downshift detection, because all ICs in the display screen are composed of numerous unit components, so when there is current passing through a certain pin, there will be a voltage drop on the pin. Under normal circumstances, the voltage drop on the IC pins of the same model is similar.


The above maintenance methods for LED display screens can be tested irregularly to avoid damage to the display screen. This not only prolongs its usage time, but also saves unnecessary budget expenses. Because some LED display screen manufacturers only provide after-sales service for one to two years, if the maintenance is carried out again after this after-sales service time, there will be an additional charge.

Post time: May-31-2023