Application and advantages of small spacing LED screens in conference rooms


What are the requirements for high-definition small pitch LEDs used in conference rooms?

The small pitch LED large screen display system with bright colors, saturated image quality, and high-definition adopts high-density, small pitch surface mount packaging as the display panel. Integrate computer systems, multi-screen processing technology, signal switching technology, network technology and other application processing and integration functions to achieve dynamic monitoring of various situations that need to be displayed in the entire system. Display and analyze signals on multiple screens in real-time from various signal sources such as computers, cameras, DVD videos, networks, etc., to meet the needs of users for large-scale display, sharing, and aggregation of various information.

1) Unit modularization, truly achieving "seamless" whole screen.

Especially when used for news topics or video conferences, characters will not be cut by seams. When displaying WORD, EXCEL, and PPT frequently played in conference room environments, there will be no misunderstanding or misjudgment of the content due to the confusion of seams and table separation lines.

2) The color and brightness of the entire screen have a high degree of consistency and uniformity, and can be checked point by point.

Completely avoiding phenomena such as gradual halo, dark edges, and "patching" that may occur after a period of time, especially for the "visualization" that often needs to be played in conference displays. When analyzing "pure background" content such as charts and graphics, the small pitch high-definition LED display scheme has unparalleled advantages.

3) The entire screen brightness is intelligently adjusted from 0-1200cd/, fully adapting to various indoor display environments.

Due to the fact that LEDs are self emitting, they are less susceptible to interference and influence from ambient light. According to the changes in the surrounding environment, the picture is more comfortable and the details are perfectly presented. In contrast, the brightness of projection fusion and DLP splicing displays is slightly lower (200cd/-400cd/in front of the screen). Suitable for large conference rooms or conference rooms with bright ambient lighting, which is difficult to meet application requirements.

4) Support 1000K-10000K color temperature and wide gamut adjustment, meeting the requirements of different application fields, especially suitable for conference display applications with special color requirements, such as studios, virtual simulations, video conferencing, medical displays, and other applications.

5) Wide viewing angle, supporting horizontal 170 °/vertical 160 ° display, better meeting the needs of large conference room environments and stepped conference room environments.

6) High contrast, faster response speed, high refresh rate, suitable for displaying high-speed motion images.

7) Ultra thin cabinet unit planning, compared to DLP splicing and projection fusion, saves a lot of floor space. This device is convenient for protection and saves protection space.

8) Efficient heat dissipation, fanless design, zero noise, providing users with a perfect conference environment. In contrast, the unit noise of DLP, LCD, and PDP splicing is greater than 30dB (A), and the noise is greater after multiple splicing.

9) 100000 hours of ultra long service life, with no need to replace bulbs or light sources during the life cycle, saving operation and maintenance costs. Can be repaired point by point, with lower maintenance costs.

10) Supports 7 * 24 hour uninterrupted operation.

What are the advantages of using LED displays in conference rooms?

1) It can create a more comfortable and modern information conference environment.

2) Information from all parties can be shared, making meeting communication easier and smoother.

3) More and more rich and colorful content can be vividly presented, igniting the enthusiasm of the meeting.

4) Business applications: presenting details, focusing on eyes, and quickly processing images.

5) Capable of remote real-time communication and collaborative work. Such as remote education, video conferences between subsidiaries and headquarters, and training and education activities organized by headquarters for the whole country.

6) Small footprint, flexible and convenient use, simple and convenient maintenance.

Post time: Aug-14-2023