7 Major Components and Functions of LED Film Screen Cabinet Structure

Both conventional LED display screens and LED transparent screens have a box structure, even LED film screens are the same. What are the components of the LED film screen box structure and their respective functions?


The LED film screen box is composed of six parts: keel, module, HUB adapter board, power supply, and receiving card. Their functions are as follows:

1. Keel: Integrated with a power box, it also serves as a support. Equivalent to a skeleton.

2. Module: Transparent flexible PCB board and LED beads, mainly used as display components.

3. HUB adapter board: As a connection platform, it coordinates the connection of power supply, receiving card, and module to work together.

4. Power supply: Convert the external power supply into the display power of the box, equivalent to the "heart".

5. Data receiving card: receives external signals and processes them. Equivalent to the brain.

6. Internal wiring: Maintaining the operation of this box is equivalent to "blood vessels".

7. Signal and power input and output interfaces: allow external signals and power to enter the panel.

The direction of data signals is: peripheral devices - control computer - DVI graphics card - data sending card - data receiving card - HUB adapter board - LED film screen box. The LED film screen signal is received through a data receiving card, and then starts from the HUB adapter board and is connected to the module through ribbon cables to complete data transmission. That is the screen content we see, such as images and text information.

Post time: Jan-18-2024